Art Heist FAQ

What is it?
Art Heist is an escape-room-style theatre adventure. You and your friends plan and carry out a robbery in our purpose-built art gallery. You’ve got a limited amount of time to get in, steal a painting, and get out again while distracting security guards, fooling alarms, and avoiding cameras.
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group information
  1. How many people per session?
    Anywhere from 1-4. It’s more thrilling with fewer people, and there are more hijinks with more people.
  2. Will you put us in a group with strangers?
    No. When you book, you’re booking the whole session to yourself. It’s just you and your friends.
  3. What if we have more than 4 people?
    The game stops being fun with more than 4 people in one session. We recommend splitting your group into two sessions. If you want to book two or more consecutive sessions, email us to arrange a bulk discount.
  4. What if we arrive with a different size group than we booked for?
    That’s okay. We’ll sort it out when you get here.
  5. Is there an age limit?
    We recommend Art Heist for ages 14+, but we’ll admit younger. Anyone under 18 needs a waiver signed by a guardian.
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Game information
  1. How long does Art Heist go for?
    There’s a 5-minute briefing, 40 minutes to steal the painting, and then a 5 minute debrief. Let’s say an hour altogether just to be safe.
  2. When should we arrive? What happens if we’re late?
    Ten minutes before your booking time. If you arrive late, we may need to reduce the length of your game.
  3. Is it scary?
    Not really. Art Heist is about you being sneaky, not us jumping out at you. The stakes will get your heart racing, but it’s built to be a fun bit of crime.
  4. I’ve done escape rooms before. Is it like that?
    Kind of. While Art Heist does involve strategy and puzzle solving, the emphasis is on physically executing the heist. Don’t overthink it.
  5. What should I wear?
    Sneakers (for sneaking). But really, you’ll be ducking/crouching/crawling, so dress practically and tactically.
  6. Is Art Heist accessible?

    At the moment, Art Heist isn’t wheelchair accessible. As a site-specific show, we’ve inherited some less-than-ideal architectural elements (steps, narrow doors) from the space we’re in. The game also involves visual and audio clues, which may affect people with limited hearing or vision.

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Booking & ticket information
  1. How much does it cost?
    Each session costs $162.00, which you can divide among your group:
    4 people: $40.50 pp
    3 people: $54 pp
    2 people: $81 pp
    1 person: $162 pp
  2. How do I book?
    Via our booking link! Please book ahead as there are no tickets available at the door.
  3. What if I need to change or cancel my booking?
    Email us at as early as possible. We’ll refund or move your booking up to 48 hours before your booking. With less than 48 hours’ notice, we are unable to refund or move your booking.
  4. Will you be releasing more tickets?
    All tickets have now been released for Art Heist. Sign up to our mailing list to be the first to hear about our future productions
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Help! I’m lost. I can’t find the place and everything has gone wrong.
Email us at and our friendly box office team will help you.
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