How. Dare.

“I suggest you take two running jumps and go straight to hell”


“Perhaps it is we who need saving. Perhaps we are the abnormal ones.”

Back To Basics

“I have a slight tendency to overcomplicate things”

The Two Body Problem

“We are men and women of science. We are the only ones who can solve this.”

Pea Green Boat

“The Owl’s diary. Day forty-seven. The Cat has eaten all the honey. Surely we will die here.”

Sound Human

Join Bryce Halliday for a brand new show of songs, sketches, stand up comedy and sound art.

Comedy Against Humanity

Some of Sydney’s best, fastest, and funniest performers use a cult board game as the basis for __________.

PDA (King Street)

Take a voyage along the cracks and crevasses of King Street, in an intimate disruption of everyday life.

A Sandwich Short of a Picnic

One lovely day at a picnic ground, several loving youths, one problematic love triangle. Vast seriousness ensues.