Pea Green Boat

“The Owl’s diary. Day forty-seven. The Cat has eaten all the honey. Surely we will die here.”

Stewart Lee’s adaptation of Edward Lear’s beloved The Owl and The Pussycat is presented in Australia for the first time. Waking in a pea-green boat, with an unfamiliar feline as its sole compatriot, an Owl keeps a journal to pass the time. Who placed them in this circumstance? What possible destination is in mind?

With Hannah Cox and Alexander Richmond

Written by Stewart Lee
Directed by Jim Fishwick
Produced by Kendra Murphy


“It is nonsense. Pure, breathtaking, exciting nonsense. … The conception is marvellous and the execution equally thrilling.”  Sydney Arts Guide

“There is so much love in this show. Try not to grin like an idiot. … you are unlikely to ever see another show like this. And what a shame. Pea Green Boat is a very precious gift for the child in all adults—or, at least, the hundred or so lucky enough to be taken out to sea.” – Honi Soit

“It requires immense boldness to push past the commonplace and to try something rarely done before. Jetpack Theatre Collective do just that, with chutzpah and artistic flair.” – Upstaged Reviews