Where Your Eyes Don’t Go

You are thrown into a pitch-black maze, armed only with a torch. As quickly as you can, you need to rescue someone and get them out alive. But where are they? Where’s that music (at least, it sounds like music) coming from? Did you forget to visit this room yet? And what was that thing moving at the end of the corridor? You don’t know what these creatures are, or what will happen when they find you. You only know that they will be Where Your Eyes Don’t Go.

Where Your Eyes Don’t Go is an interactive horror experience, drawing inspiration from Doctor Who, H.P. Lovecraft, and Portal. One person is sent alone to explore a purpose-built maze in the dark, encountering (and occasionally being chased by) the inhabitants.


“It ruins the ability to properly disbelieve, and electrifies the experience beyond what is possible within the constraints of a normal performer/audience dynamic. It is, everything else aside, staggering fun. Nobody talks about this show without interjecting over others; eyes are wide; everybody trembles a little; you foam at the mouth. It is a special experiment and a tremendous success.” – Honi Soit

Season Details

13-19 January 2015
10 minutes
The Cellar Theatre, Camperdown
Presented in partnership with SUDS

Relevant People

With Emily Allen, Maddie Parker, Kendra Murphy, Anna Rowe, Jane Hughes, Luke Tisher, Caillin McKay, Julian Hollis, William Cook, Emilia Higgs, and Lucinda Vitek

Directed by Jim Fishwick
Produced by Joe Campbell
Sound design by Bryce Halliday
Video design by Bruno Dubosarsky

Download the Where Your Eyes Don’t Go soundtrack here.