Flowers and O’Jim

Something beautiful happens when we blend different forms of art together. Flowers & O’Jim throws you into an abstract world where curiously and confusion is welcomed and embraced. Sometimes we struggle to find meaning in our lives, Flowers & O’Jim pushes us to expect this fear and the challenges that come with life and re-frame them.

Flowers & O’Jim showcases what a group of young creatives can produce. In a true Jetpack fashion Flowers & O’Jim blends live music and immersive theatre to create a multi-sensory viewing experience for audiences that will leave you feeling fufilled, excited and maybe even a little confused. It’s loud, fun, heartbreaking and joyful.

Season Details
4-8 September 2018
30 minutes
Warehouse Stage One, Alexandria

Directed by Lucinda Vitek
Produced by Jodi Rabinowitz
Written by Daniel Keene
Photography by Eunice Huang
Graphic Design by YunYin Xuan

Featuring Mikaela Atallah, Riordan Berry, Harry Winsome, and Emilia Higgs
With live performances from Manor Ants