The Museum of This Morning

The Museum of This Morning is on tour through Aotearoa and Australia in 2021!

Part one-man show, part art project, The Museum of This Morning delves into the stories of what you did today and weaves them into a gallery exhibition spanning thousands of years.

“Welcome to the museum of everything that happened slightly earlier on today! As we are constantly updating our exhibits, we’re now accepting donations of artefacts, oral histories, documents, and memorabilia of all the things that took place before noon.”

Join Australian national champion improvisor and real-life museum curator Jim Fishwick for a truly unrepeatable evening of storytelling.

“Extremely impressive” – Theatreview
“A fascinating show” – Wellington Reviews
“Brilliantly entertaining” – Honi Soit

Winner – Late Night Knife Fight, July 2020

Please note this show contains moderate, voluntary audience interaction.

Director: Jason Geary
Sound designer: Bryce Halliday
Costume designer: Isabel Moore
Lighting designer: Darryn Woods