PDA (King Street)

Take a voyage along the cracks and crevasses of King Street, in an intimate disruption of everyday life. Performed entirely on the inner west’s most eclectic street, audience members roam from performer to performer in a creative subversion of Australian storytelling, with a focus on intimacy in public spaces. With stories ranging from cab conversations to pharmaceutical enquiries, PDA is a roving performance that revels in the menial and the extra-ordinary.

With Alia Lievore, Cameron Hutt, Charlie Falkner, Claudia Osborne, Dominic Gruenewald, Emily McGowan, Felicity McKay, Jack Ballhausen, Joel Hillman, Josh Magee and Sam Brewer

Curated by Jack Ballhausen and Claudia Osborne

Presented as part of the 2015 Sydney Fringe Festival.