Ghosts of Glebe

That house. On the corner. It’s so damn scary. That street. Near the church. You get a chill every time you cross it. That ghost. In the park. Who is she? Or, you suppose, was she? Why won’t she let you have a turn on the swings? Join us at Ghosts of Glebe as our professional guides lead you on a spooky tour of thrills, chills and friendly spectres that surround one of Sydney’s oldest suburbs. Who knows what you might discover about the spirit world… or yourself?

Inspired by local history and architecture, this interactive show is a fictional walking tour performed on the streets of Glebe, blending performance and reality for a delightfully eerie night out.

Season Details
31 October – 11 November 2017
45-60 minutes
Performed on the streets of Glebe

Curated by Kirsty McGuire and Emilia Higgs
Produced by Kenny Murphy

Featuring Tim McNaught, Chloe Lethlean-Higson, Gabby Florek, Elliot Ulm, Kipp Carina, Nicole Archer