Twisted Winter

The nights are drawing in… what will you find this winter?

Butterfly Smokescreen

Indulge in a truly unforgettable night with ‘Butterfly Smokescreen’ — an intimate, immersive theatrical experience of the highest quality, making its world premiere at the Auckland Viaduct in June 2023.  Step aboard one of Auckland’s most famed super yachts, get a glass of champagne and be plunged into an evening of Hollywood high society, love…

Ghosts of Glebe

What is lurking in the abandoned house? Why is there a door to nowhere?


Construct your own perfect set of happy little girls

Art Heist

Distract guards. Avoid cameras. Fool alarms. Dodge lasers. Steal art.

How. Dare.

“I suggest you take two running jumps and go straight to hell”


“Perhaps it is we who need saving. Perhaps we are the abnormal ones.”

The Two Body Problem

“We are men and women of science. We are the only ones who can solve this.”


Death, our old friend and bitter rival, is a looming presence in every fairy tale.

Between Two Waves

“Aahhhhh. Okay. So you think we’re, like, actually fucked? Like rising seas, and fires and brimstone and shit?”