The Watchmakers’ Society

WELCOME TO THE WATCHMAKERS’ SOCIETY! We are a group of students who will go on to discover time travel! How do we know this? Because there is a Time Traveller among us, who has gone back in time to form this very society. But there is a problem. The time machine malfunctioned, and the great Time Traveller was split into eight Fragments. However, half of these Fragments are not part of the original Traveller. They are corruptions and must NOT be allowed to continue in this time period, lest they permanently damage the society’s future time travel feats.

The Watchmakers’ Society was an immersive, interactive game, presented as part of the 2015 University of Sydney O-Week. Disguised as a regular university society, it invited participants to search the campus to hunt down a time-traveller and make an all-important decision.

By Jack Ballhausen, Jim Fishwick, Robert Boddington and Stephanie Bennett