Death, our old friend and bitter rival, is a looming presence in every fairy tale. But why must Death insist on being the story teller? The director? The critic? The caterer? Jetpack Theatre Collective fuse sketch, storytelling, and make-believe to look under the hood of the Reaper to see what stories lie within.

With Jim Fishwick and Robert Boddington, and special guests Bryce Halliday, Alexander Richmond, Stephanie Bennett, Jack Ballhausen, Kirsty McGuire, and Kate Coates

Produced by Stephanie Bennett
Set Design by Kirsty McGuire

Presented as part of the Fresh Works Season at Old 505 Theatre.


“This is an exhilarating creative environment to enter into, never knowing what the artists will offer next, accordingly producing the outright weird and the hilariously wonderful.” – Upstaged Reviews