Art Heist

You and your crew plan and carry out a robbery. Distract guards. Avoid cameras. Fool alarms. Dodge lasers. Steal art. But be quick, time’s already running out…

Art Heist is a thrilling escape-room-style adventure, where up to four players at a time try to steal a painting from our purpose-built gallery. Live performers play guards patrolling the space, allowing for unlimited creativity of problem solving.


“This is bespoke, immersive theatre of the highest calibre” – Sydney Arts Guide

“I am utterly convinced that it is impossible to not enjoy Art Heist” – Escape Rooms In Sydney

“A brilliant piece of theatre” – The Buzz From Sydney

“If you have the opportunity to experience it you’d be crazy not to” – Escape Me

“A next-level escape room” – Broadsheet

“Makes you feel like you’re in Ocean’s Eleven, and it’s thrilling… The most fun you can have without spending a night in jail” – The Brag

Season details

18 May – 27 August, 2017
45 minutes
The Wade Gallery, Dulwich Hill

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Directed by Jim Fishwick
Produced by Talia Meyerowitz-Katz
Game designed by Paul Sztajer
Production designed by Aleisa Jelbart
Set designed by Robert Boddington
Sound designed by Bryce Halliday
Tech wizardry by Chris Howell
Concept by Paul Sztajer, Amy Withnall, Tom Dicker, Rona Barugahare, and Jetpack Theatre Collective

Featuring Adrien Stark, Alistair Magee, Amanzi Lawrence, Rebecca Day, Chloe Lethlean Higson, Damon Steff, Emilia Higgs, Harriet Hope-Streeter, Jack Ballhausen, Jade Fuda, Jeromaia Detto, Jim Fishwick, Julian Hollis, Kay Pengelly, Kendra Murphy, Kirsty McGuire, Kurt Pimblett, Liviu Monsted, Nathan Farrow, Riordan Berry, Seymour Nixen

With thanks to Alli Burness, Sweet Potato, the team at Giant Dwarf, Phil Boddington, Steph Ryan, Sam Wade, and our amazing Pozible backers. Thank you!

You can download the Art Heist soundtrack here.

This project was supported by funding from Inner West Council