Construct your own perfect set of happy little girls. Fold the paper and cut ever-so-carefully. Unfold your paper dolls and see how they stand so nicely in a row? Add your perfect little girls to the rest and see how pretty they look together. Soon the house will be full of perfect pretty happy little girls.

Con-Strukt is a performative installation about gender and society. Visitors move between rooms, entangled by paper dolls.


“Con-Strukt is an utterly brilliant performative installation. It is a haunting work that negotiates the construction of gender while also exploring the tension between it and society. ” – Fringe Talk

Season Details

28-29 September 2017
The Sandstone Cottage, Chippendale
Presented as part of the Sydney Fringe Festival

Relevant People

Directed by Kirsty McGuire
Featuring Jade Alex, Riordan Berry, Seymour Nixon